Urth Yarns

As Urth Yarns, we’ve dedicated ourselves to producing exquisite quality, hand dyed natural yarns. Knitting and crochet, hand crafts able to stand the test of time, have always been part of our culture and media for artistic aspiration. 

In nature nothing is perfect, yet everything is. As we are inspired by this harmonious individuality, we work every day to advance the dyeing techniques we use, always taking them one step further. We draw upon the abundance of ingredients our Earth offers us,  turning them into surprising colors and imperfect beauty. Our Harvest line is hand-dyed with fruits, nuts, and roots, yielding a timeless palette of earthy shades and resulting in a series of products that are genuine yet coherent. The process itself is fulfilling and rewarding, but nothing exceeds the feeling of seeing a beautiful, unexpected color showing up. 

All our collections are crafted meticulously by the hands of talented women in our Mersin and Istanbul studios. We also strive to create means to employ as many as we can through our sample-making program. In a world of machinery and mass production, the passionate, skillful, and most importantly human touch of these women maintains the authenticity, sincerity, and responsibility that Urth as a brand stands for.

In our mission to sustain and give back, we have partnered with Trees for the Future, helping them keep the planet clean and green by making sure our business is a means to that goal. Thanks to this vital collaboration, the sale of each skein of Urth Yarns plants a tree.


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